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KuuKla - Mobile Kiosk app for AndroidKuuKla - Mobile Kiosk app for Android

PARENTS: Make it a tablet for your kid only!
KIDS: Now you have mom's approval for the tablet!
KuuKla Parental Control on devices KuuKla Parental Control on devices KuuKla Parental Control on devices

KuuKla Parental Control

  • Transform any Android tablet into a KID TABLET (and reverse anytime)
  • Select all the applications your kid likes (and you approve)
  • Set "free tablet" and "tablet-free" schedule for your kid.

A very easy to use application that helps your life with kids in a very effective way. Limit your kids’ display with the apps aproved by you. Schedule their internet and tablet use. They won’t be on the tablet if you don’t want them to be -even if you are not around to check.

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KuuKla on devices KuuKla on devices KuuKla on devices


  • Transform any Android into "one-application-only" device (and reverse anytime)
  • Select the needed application for the time being, lock it and deliver your device.

A privacy saver and a device guardian. Whenever you have to hand your device over to a kid, a relative, a friend or your boss… just give them the app what they claim they need it for.

Download Kuukla Application Playstore

Scenarios – No Limit

  • Keep a "spare tablet" in your personal tablet for family occasions (internet browser, news, books, pics, anything to satisfy the "visitor" and keep your data untouchable)
  • Make a "trip-entertainer" ready for anyone you drive regularly
  • Customize your "office" launcher just to keep your family scenes out of reach
  • Lock your business app to a number of devices and have them serve your customers as kiosks

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